Customize My Site
  1. Use your own domain name for your website

  2. You can place own unique logo in the upper left corner of the screen.  This logo can be hot linked to another website or other webpages.  So if a consumer clicks on the logo they will be directed somewhere else.

  3. Information about your agency in the About Us and Contact Us section such as a brief description about your agency and your address, phone number, and email address.

  4. A title bar above the rotating picture which will appear on every screen.  For example: My Travel Agency Tel: 201-XXX-XXXX. (up to 48 characters max allowed in this area due to space limitations.)

  5. Featured Hot Deals (local deals) customized by your agency and placed in the middle box labeled Featured Hot Deals.  Your customer will be able to fill out a request form that will be emailed to your agency.  You can include links to additional webpages.  We will also include National featured hot deals as well which can appear but your local deals will be listed above those deals.

  6. The opportunity to add up to 15 additonal links on your own site.  9 links in the Preferred Sponsors section (top left section of the site)  This is where you can make reciprocal links with other websites to draw traffic to your site or add additional vendors.  Also you can add 3 links in the Unique Features and 3 links in the Travel Store section.

  7. A pop up email box to capture your customer's email address when they first come to the site.  Your new customer's email address will be emailed to you for you to include in future email blasts.  In addition we will collect those addresses in your back engine to export to your email program.

  8. Changing of colors on the site-you will have the ability to change the colors of the top and side buttons.

  9. Banners on site can be uploaded by your agency and can be linked to other websites.

  10. Picture rotation on the homepage on your site is changeable and you are able to hotlink the picture to a web page or website.

  11. We will provide you with a domain name and email address such as and a corresponding email address such as which will be forwarded to a local email address you provide to us.